Pass Microsoft MD-101 Exam to Become an Enterprise Administrator and That Too With Practice Tests

Microsoft Corporation is a leading tech organization acknowledged best for its broad spectrum of Office Suite and the operating systems(OS). Though individuals associated directly with the IT field perceive that this organization contributes more than just the specified solutions — it also offers IT exams and certifications. Because Microsoft is an organization at the top of its rank, its certificates have high reliability and prestige. To achieve any of the Microsoft certificates, the applicant should pass one or many relevant exams. This article will dwell on MD-101 exam details, which is one of the requirements for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

MD-101 Exam Details

The exam evaluates your capability to complete various tasks that include:

  • Deploy and update operating systems (35-40%)
  • Manage policies and profiles (25-30%)
  • Manage and protect devices (20-25%)
  • Manage apps and data (10-15%)

This MD-101 exam is consisting of 40-60 questions coming in various formats. They may involve multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, review screen, short answer, best answer, build list, and case studies. You must finish the exam within 120 minutes and obtain the passing mark of 700 points out of 1000. You need to pay fees of $165 to sit for this exam.

And also, notice that along with the MD-101 exam, you need to pass one more exam, MD-100: Windows 10, to get this certification. This indicates that you should commit a lot of time and resources to earn the certificate. And you think why you should get certified in the first place. Keep on reading.

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Reasons to Achieve Managing Microsoft Modern Desktops MD-101 Certification

Here are a few benefits you can get when you pass exam MD-101 and receive the linked prestigious Microsoft certification:

MD-101 Certification Gives Unrivaled Job Security:

Job security is one aspect that most professionals in the IT field for concern. Because of the IT field’s ever-evolving nature, hiring managers favor professionals with advanced skills, and once you’re Microsoft certified, you obtain them. Hence, certifications support in ensuring someone else doesn’t fetch your job.

Start Future Venture in IT with MD-101 Managing Microsoft Modern Desktops Certification

Gives You Updated Skills

IT is one of the most developing fields. You’ll come across developments every day. Microsoft certifications offer you an opportunity to polish up your skills, which will be beneficial when working with specific IT technologies and other aspects of the IT field.

Better Pay

It is common for an individual with updated skills and expertise to get a better salary that corresponds to their proficiency. PayScale states the average yearly pay for certified desktop administrators is approximately $69k.

Brilliant Job Prospects

MD-101 certification will help you land a lucrative job profile. This is because Microsoft certifications place you on a higher level than individuals who don’t have a certificate.

Proof of Your Skills

The certification you play an essential role in proving your skills. It serves as evidence to your potential managers that you have gained the designated skills.


If you wish to relish these benefits, you have no option but to comprehensively prepare for the exam. And the most crucial bit of preparation is to know which resources to utilize.

Study Resources to Prepare for the MD-101 Exam

1. Instructor-Led Courses

The instructor-led courses are accessible when requested, have an in-classroom setup, and usually are offered by certified trainers. Any of them resolves your questions. You’ll also get a chance to ask for help from your instructor just if you face difficulties in some topics. The Course MD-101T00-A: Managing Modern Desktops is one of Microsoft’s courses you can opt for. This training helps candidates to know how to execute and plan OS deployment techniques. It helps them learn various approaches available, the scenes they’re appropriate for, and how to install Windows using the most advanced methods. Ultimately, the course includes implementing and planning update strategies for Windows. The other two courses qualify the exam-takers in working with devices and modern desktops and secure them.

2. Free Online Training

Certified experts in the IT industry typically conduct Microsoft’s free online training. The MD-101 exam free online course provides candidates learners flexibility, allowing them to study anytime and anywhere they want. And the truth that they can get the essential knowledge for free gives the course another benefit!

3. Study Guides

The Microsoft Press Store offers a useful study guide for the Microsoft exams published by professionals. It will help you learn the concepts in a better way, even as you already use some other learning resources. You’ll learn the MD-101 syllabus topics in-depth and much other information related to the exam and the certification.

4. Take MD-101 Practice Tests

Registering in the official course or learning from a study guide is excellent, but you require something more than remembering theory and practical skills. This indicates that you need to prove how much your mind has soaked up so far from your studies. This is where practice comes into play.

MD-101 Practice tests help candidates become familiar with the exam topics, kinds of questions, and structure. The only issue when it comes to utilizing these resources is finding reliable and updated practice tests. Luckily, many dedicated websites offer updated and trustworthy MD-101 practice questions.

Taking MD-101 Practice Tests offers numerous benefits like:

  • Makes you familiar with the MD-101 exam structure;
  • Allows you to assess your level of preparedness;
  • Equips you with time management skills
  • Uplift your confidence.


Receiving the associate-level Microsoft certification for Modern Desktop Administrator is the best way to boost your career. It will confirm your knowledge and skills, help you become a worthy asset in your organization, and acquire recognition. So, make sure you obtain this certification by passing the relevant exams that comprise MD-100 and MD-101 exams. Passing them would be possible if you study competently and use reliable study materials like study guides, training courses, and practice tests. Wishing you all the luck as you accomplish your career goals through proper preparation!

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