Simple Steps to Earning the Microsoft DP-201 Certification

If you’re an Azure data engineer or wishing to become one quickly, then you are possibly interested in achieving Microsoft Certification so that you can demonstrate your skill in this advanced field. One of the most significant Microsoft Certifications for data engineers is Microsoft DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution. As this is such a vital exam, we’re laying out this complete guide, which was developed to help you fully and correctly prepare for the Microsoft DP-201 exam.

Essential Information About Microsoft DP-201 Exam

Microsoft DP-201 looks up to evaluate your capability to maintain and improve data processing, execute data storage solutions, and monitor and optimize data solutions. It is designed for Microsoft Azure data engineers who commonly work with business enterprises and business stakeholders to distinguish data needs and enforce Azure data solutions such as:

  • Provisioning of data storage services;
  • Transforming data;
  • Ingesting streaming and batch data;
  • Executing data retention policies;
  • Performing security solutions;
  • Detecting limitations to performance;
  • Accessing external data.

The Microsoft DP-201 exam is one of the two exams, which result in the associate level Microsoft certification for Azure Data Engineer. The certification refers to new certifications centered mainly on skills needed to get a distinct job profile.

The other exam is the Microsoft DP-200 that centers on designing an Azure Data Solution.

Besides, the Microsoft DP-201 exam comprising of 40-60 multiple-choice questions required to be answered within 150 minutes. To apply for this exam, you also should pay a registration fee of $165.

Who Should Obtain Microsoft DP-201 Certification?

Microsoft DP-201 certification is best suited for data engineers and/or developers who wish to prove their skills in designing and carrying out data solutions that utilize Azure data services.


At least one to two years of experience designing and implementing Azure data solutions is favoured to understand all the skills great to be evaluated throughout the exam.

As it is a two-star certification, it might smoothen your preparation journey if you are already an expert in Azure administration, development, or DevOps.

DP-201 Exam Objectives

The exam objectives for the DP-201 exam comprises objectives provided by Microsoft. All the objectives are designed following the candidate.

  • Design Azure data storage solutions (40-45%)
  • Design data processing solutions (25-30%)
  • Design for data security and compliance (25-30%)

Step by Step Approach to Microsoft DP-201 Exam

Remember, preparing for the Microsoft exam is not a cakewalk. It demands hard work and some genius tips to achieve the goal. Hence, we’ve designed a step by step guide that will help you qualify for the certification to become an Azure Data Engineer. So follow these steps and achieve your Microsoft Designing an Azure Data Solution certification!

Step 1: Take Advantage of Official Site

Keep in mind that Microsoft’s official website is the most trustworthy platform for the DP-201 exam for apparent reasons. Browsing the official certification page should be the first priority as all the information regarding the DP-201 exam is given on the official webpage of DP-201 Exam. Everything is accessible on the official site, from prerequisites to Azure Data engineer’s responsibilities, DP-201 exam cost, exam structure, objectives, and online training.

Step 2: Understand Exam Objectives

If this is your first preparation guide, then you have arrived at the right place. Fortunately, this proves to be your preeminent step towards a well-paid job. So to keep this momentum, make sure to understand all the exam objectives. This would help answer all your questions concerning what domains are essential or what are the requirements or any other exam-related query since every exam has various requirements, so various exam objectives. Therefore we firmly recommend this step.

Step 3: Microsoft Official Training

Microsoft offers applicants two ways to prepare. First is an online training, and the other is instructor-led training. Applicants can select either one of them or both.

Online training is free for all. They have given a learning path that will allow the applicant to obtain skills to pass for the Azure Data Engineer DP-201 exam. This learning path is further split into different subtopics.

Instructor-led training is basically a paid online learning and training lectures by certified skilled instructors. They end up with some perks like- higher convenience, adaptable scheduling, and fast responses.

Here training comes out as a pivotal step to crack the Microsoft DP-201 exam.

Step 4: Obtain Relevant Book

However, Microsoft training will include most of the crucial skills needed. We cannot overlook books and the information that they give us. Book too is an essential source to acquire knowledge about the DP-201 exam. These are a few books that you should read-

SQL QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Managing, Analyzing, and Manipulating Data with SQL by Walter Shields.

Engineers’ Practical Databook: A Technical Reference Guide for Students and Professionals by Jay Smith.

Step 5: Actively Participate in Forums or Study Group

As there are a lot of distractions around us, online forums and study groups can be helpful for exam-takers. However, this particular step is not compulsory for your preparation. The step of participating in any study group or online forum relies on you. At any time, while studying, you can join any study group. Study groups will make sure you are strongly associated with all other people journeying on the same as yours. You can always ask a question associated with the topic you’re facing trouble with. Many people in study groups can also help you figure out any query you have concerning the DP-201 exam.

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Step 6: Take the DP-201 Practice Test

Lastly, we’re on the last step for the preparation of the DP-201 exam – Practice tests. This last step will provide you a precise understanding of where you require to work on. Are you ready to self-evaluate? Make sure you’re going through practice tests only after you have studied the entire syllabus. All the practice tests are created so that you confront the actual exam environment. After performing practice tests, you can simply understand the topics you’re weak in and need to work upon them. Practice tests must be taken on the most trusted and authentic platforms. Bear in mind, the more you evaluate yourself, the better you’re going to become.


After giving all the information above, passing the DP-201 Exam wouldn’t be challenging. Just follow the steps listed above, and we’re sure you’ll qualify for the exam on the first try. Keep in mind; no journey is complete without a little hard work. Likewise, no exam can be qualified if you won’t study. There have been people who passed through a similar effort, as you’re doing now. Plus, some people are confronting it right now. You are definitely not alone in your journey. So make sure you retain your focus and remember the best employment options are just an exam away.

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