Reason Why You Need to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Exam ASAP

The Microsoft AZ-400 exam is designed for professionals involved in IT and wants to get Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert certification. But the question is, why would you need to spend time and money in obtaining this certification? Acknowledging that the traditional version of software development has gone through significant changes in the past years, this certification will help you stay updated with the latest technological advancements. DevOps has become a trusted software development solution, and many essential cloud players acknowledge it as the methodology of the future. So, are you interested in finding more about the AZ-400 exam? We have designed this guide to help you understand the vital information for this exam and prepare appropriately to succeed in it.

AZ-400 Exam Details

You can become certified for Azure DevOps technology if you pass only one exam with the code AZ-400.

Microsoft certification has boosted its difficulty to a comparatively high level to assure that only the best in class professionals can become certified. Before you jump into taking AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions exam, you should perceive clearly what is expected from you and what you can do to develop the essential skills.

Let’s dive into exam details! AZ-400 exam lasts for 150 minutes. During this time, you will have to answer around 40-60 questions related to Azure DevOps technology. The registration fee for this exam is $165. If you fail this exam on your first try, you will need to pay this fee every time you take the exam.

AZ-400 Exam Preparation

So, unless you want to empty your pockets and pay for the Microsoft AZ-400 test many times, you should take your preparation process sincerely. When it comes to the eligibility criteria for this exam, we will start by telling you that this certification targets DevOps professionals who can competently combine people with methods and technologies.

You will also be eligible to take this exam only if you are proficient in Azure development and Azure administration. This indicates that you should have earlier passed either the AZ-104 exam for Azure administrators or AZ-204 that emphasis on Azure Developers. Ultimately, the preparation journey will make a difference in improving the right skills for the AZ-400 exam. You should begin by learning from the Microsoft official webpage. Here, you will find everything you are expected to know about AZ-400 exam requirements and what you need to do to be accepted as eligible for this exam.

Your possibilities will also increase significantly if you study from books and publications and go through the Microsoft official documentation. These materials are prepared by Microsoft expert instructors who lend all their knowledge and passion for Azure technology in formulating comprehensive training materials. Here Practice tests should be your final tool. They will help you become familiar with all topics examined during the AZ-400 exam.

Reason Why You Need to Pass Microsoft AZ-400 Exam ASAP

First of all, cloud computing is utilized in healthcare, banking, and education, to list a few. This compliance equips you with infinite career opportunities and assures job security. But, there are even more advantages that are as follows:

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Cloud Skills Become a Requirement

Advanced technologies gain popularity quickly, and the cloud is no different. This also involves more experts in the field will be needed. And with your Microsoft certification, it will be more straightforward for you to prove your expertise. Acquiring skills in developing and applying strategies that target infrastructure, source control, collaboration, compliance, code, security, etc. Having such skills, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a job!

Boost Your Career with AZ-400 Certification

As Microsoft is among the foremost service providers for cloud computing, achieving an Azure-based certification will do magic for your professional life. Global organizations are seeking for certified Azure professionals to manage their services and operations. You’ll become acknowledged in the market and will be the first applicant for promotion or salary increase.

Higher Salaries

Being able to execute your technical assignments at work is one of the most rewarding experiences. And this satisfaction is reinforced when your organization chooses to compensate you for your mastery in designing Azure solutions that support business value delivery. The salary you can earn as a certified Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert is USD 125,000 per annum in the US.


Now you know that career progression and higher salaries are just some of the perks you relish along with certification after passing the AZ-400 exam. If you want to enjoy them, then sitting for this exam is worth the effort! You’ll be put in the limelight as a Microsoft-certified expert with the most coveted skills in the ever-evolving world of technology.

You require to be sincere when it comes to AZ-400 exam preparation. Take advantage of the official Microsoft resources and materials and assess your skills using practice tests, and your success in this exam is guaranteed.

Taking this step is what you need to do now!!

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