Everything You Need to Study for the MTA 98-367 Exam

MTA Security Fundamentals, 98-367 is meant to provide applicants with clarification and comprehension of fundamental security concepts. MTA is a new certification program that Microsoft has designed particularly for applicants starting in the IT industry. It confirms the basic knowledge required to establish and secure Microsoft Windows Servers, Active Directory, Windows-based network operating systems, account management, and system recovery tools. The Microsoft Security Fundamentals certification is a track for future certifications and career opportunities.

MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367 exam evaluates your skill to carry out the technical tasks listed below. The percentages denote the relative weight of each central topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you will face in that content area on the exam.

MTA 98-367 Exam Objectives:

  • Understand security layers (25-30%)
  • Understand operating system security (35-40%)
  • Understand network security (20-25%)
  • Understand security software (15-20%)

How to Prep and Pass the MTA 98-367 Exam

There is no easy button to push for the Microsoft exams. If you want to pass the MTA 98-367 exam, you’ll have to prep well in advance. Expectantly, these suggestions will help you succeed with your exam.

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1. Determine the Required Resources

There are many options to start preparing for the exam. Microsoft provides several prep resources for you to use, comprising online training, instructor-led training, practice test, books, and even more materials. Obtain the exam preparation guide to get a summary of the exam and many more. There are also online courses and resources you can find over the net.

2. Find a Study Partner

Find a study partner or get a study group together to stay responsible for enduring your progress. Usually, we think that we will do better if we do self-study. That is completely wrong. Communicating with others can get you to hit significant landmarks, which were earlier impossible. You should find a forum where you feel comfy to share your doubts. This community of like-minded people will equip you with the opportunity to share questions and experiences that are concerning the MTA 98-367 certification exam. It gives you the opportunity to get ideas from people and exchange your thoughts.

3. Avoid Distractors While Studies

Your smartphone would be one of the main distractors if you didn’t recognize it. So, before you begin your revision, make sure you switch it off if possible. The more disciplinary measures you take when studying for your Microsoft 98-367 exam, the simpler it becomes to achieve excellent results in it.

4. Enroll in Training Course

Training courses are an amazing option to jumpstart your preparation if you prefer working with a teacher. The official course for the Microsoft 98-367 exam will help you understand all the concepts required and get all your questions given by professionals.

5. Online Videos

There are other ways to enhance your understanding of the exam objectives, including watching training videos online. And if you’re searching for some free videos of the MTA 98-367 exam, YouTube is there to help you. This revolutionary platform helps you to develop your ability in Security Fundamentals concepts.

6. Use Flashcards

You can make your flashcards to help you throughout your learning process. Flashcards are best for putting essential details that you can revise even when traveling. The cards are compact, and you can take them to any place you go. According to your learning method, flashcards might suit your style and prove to be useful.

7. Invest in MTA 98-367 Practice Tests

Make this your last form of preparation. Microsoft Security Fundamentals 98-367 practice tests help you become familiar with the exam structure and how to deal with exam questions. It also allows you to identify your preparation level for the exam. With the use of 98-367 practice tests, you can assess yourself and know your weak topics. By working through many 98-367 practice test questions, you build your confidence level about the exam. There are many practice test platforms you can obtain online.


You should find it simple easy to study for and pass the Microsoft 98-367 exam with the given guide. Prove your skills to stand out from the mass.

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